A convicted felon was arrested after he reported that his son stole his rifle in Lake City on Thursday.

Mario Denson, 61, told police that his son stole his rifle from his bedroom. Police later found and questioned Denson's son, who claimed his father was trying to have him falsely arrested.

Police investigating the case found that Denson was a convicted felon and he is prohibited from owning a firearm. Denson initially stated the rifle belonged to his grandfather but later told police he found children playing with the weapon and took it from them for safekeeping.

“At this point, there are several conflicting statements made by the Mr. Denson between when he originally reported the rifle stolen and when we advised him it was illegal to possess one in the first place,” LCPD Chief Argatha Gilmore said. “Thankfully our Investigators were thorough and discovered this. Once we find the rifle, we will ensure it is returned to someone who can lawfully have it.”

Investigators are searching for the rifle and the investigation into the theft is ongoing. Denson has been charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.