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Video: Jailed Jacksonville rapper handcuffed, slammed by JSO corrections officer, sister shot by bail bondsman within minutes

A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office internal report says officers were justified in the force used against Hakeem Robinson, aka Ksoo.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The family and attorney for a Jacksonville man awaiting charges on two separate homicides say they're not satisfied with the sheriff's findings on what happened to him in the Duval County jail.

Surveillance video being shared on social media shows a corrections officer handcuffing Hakeem Robinson while he's in his cell on Oct. 5. Robinson, a popular rapper known as Ksoo, then exits his cell before being picked up and slammed to the ground by a corrections officer.

A police incident report says Robinson threatened to kill the officers.

"... Internal Affairs finds the use of force to be reasonably necessary to overcome the resistance displayed by Robinson," an Oct. 18 JSO internal affairs report states. " ... no misconduct on the part of any member of the JSO occurred."

Police say Robinson, 23, killed two people in separate gang-related shootings; Adrian Gainer, aka Bibby, in February 2019 and Charles McCormick, aka Lil Buck, in January 2020.

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Robinson's mother said she learned about what happened to her son in the jail when Robinson's father called her.

"His father called me from the jail and told me to call his attorney," Ebony Waters told First Coast News on Monday.

Robinson's father, Abdul Robinson, 51, is also in Duval County jail charged with accessory in McCormick's death.

Waters said that her son has been complaining to family members about the officer who slammed him. "He said he was threatening him," Waters said. "He told him he was going to rearrange his face. He said, 'your sister is dead.'"

The complaint filed by Robinson's grandmother against the officer alleges that he, "... was picking at him (Robinson) saying things about his dead sister which was shot in the face previously ... ," the complaint states.

"His sister was recently shot and he (officer) said '*expletive your dead sister," Robinson's attorney Christopher DeCoste said adding that his client's wrist was broken when he was slammed.

Robinson's sister, Karenna Robinson, 31, is not dead. However around the same time that her handcuffed brother was slammed to the ground in Duval County jail, Karenna Robinson was shot in the face by a bail bondsman at Avenues Mall.

Officers were dispatched to the mall for the shooting on Oct. 5 at about 8 p.m. and the time on the surveillance video of Hakeem Robinson's jail altercation occurs on the same day at about 7:45 p.m.

Witnesses told officers they saw two males approaching two women at the mall and the women dropped their belongings "and fled in an unknown vehicle," according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office incident report. A witness told police before the women fled, "she stated she heard some sort of 'popping' sound but did not witness anyone being shot," the report states.

Officers were then advised a woman showed up at Memorial Hospital with a facial injury as a result of being shot. "That person turned out to be Ms. Robinson who suffered non life threatening injuries to her face." the report states.

"Her jaw bone was blown off and who knows what they replaced it with," her sister Shea Robinson told First Coast News. "She had a tracheostomy to help her breath.

"After he (bondsman) shot her, he left," Shea Robinson said.

The bondsman "returned to the scene," the heavily redacted incident report states. "He stated that he had been pursuing Ms. Robinson for some time due to the outstanding warrants and skipping bond with his agency.

"Ms. Robinson then fled the area with a female friend who transported her to Memorial Hospital for care," the report states.

No charges were filed against the bondsman. Police did not release his name or the company he worked with. 

Robinson had warrants for her arrest for crimes that included a couple dozen failures to appear in court, tampering with a monitoring device, and felony theft charges, according to Duval County Clerk of Court records.

Credit: Shea Robinson for First Coast News
Shea Robinson shared this cellphone photo of her sister Karenna Robinson after Karenna was shot in the jaw by a bail bondsman at The Avenues Mall on Oct. 5, 2021.

After being treated at the hospital, Karenna Robinson was booked into Duval County jail where she remains along with her father, Abdul Robinson, and two brothers, Hakeem Robinson and Abdul Robinson Jr., 27 Jr., who is also charged with murder in Charles McCormick's death.

Credit: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Abdul Robinson Sr., 51, (left) Hakeem Robinson, 23, Abdul Robinson Jr., 27, and Karenna Robinson, 31, are all currently in Duval County jail.


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