A scammer is pretending to be a part of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and is telling people that a warrant is out for their arrest, according to JSO.

JSO said that a man is telling people that they missed jury duty and a warrant exists for their arrest.

The scammer then proceeds to say that if they purchase a gift card and give him the information he will clear their name.

JSO said that arrest warrants cannot be paid directly to a law enforcement officer by sending money through gift cards, prepaid credit cards or any other programs.

JSO said to be aware of the following:

  • Never simply wire money or provide money card information to a random caller, email, or mail request.
  • Do not call the number the caller gives you. Look up the number yourself for the company or public agency asking you to make payment, and ask the company or agency directly about the call and request.
  • Do not provide or confirm personal information or financial information to anyone who calls.