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Jared Bridegan's widow speaks after attending court appearance of husband's accused killer

"Henry Tenon is only one of the people responsible for Jared's murder ... there are more to fall before justice is done." - Kirsten Bridegan

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The man accused of killing a St. Augustine father of four last year in Jacksonville Beach was arraigned Monday morning in Duval County Circuit Court.

Henry Tenon is charged with murder in the shooting death of Jared Bridegan, 33, on Feb. 16, 2022. Tenon pleaded not guilty to all four charges against him.

Also in court was was Bridegan's widow, Kirsten, and members of her family. They addressed the media in the courthouse lobby following Tenon's arraignment.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Kirsten Bridegan said they believe Tenon did not act alone and more arrests will be made. Bridegan also said she is praying for Tenon's family and urged the suspect to speak up on behalf of justice for her slain husband.

"Today is a day we have prayed for for almost a year," Kirsten Bridegan said. "Henry Tenon is only one piece, only one of the people responsible for Jared's murder. There are more (suspects) to fall before justice is done. 

"To Henry's family, we pray for you," she said through tears. "We can only imagine the hurt and the pain you must also be feeling."

Bridegan then addressed Henry Tenon directly. 

"Henry, if you get to hear this, please chose now to do the right thing," she said. "Please help us to receive justice sooner rather than later and allow us and your own family to move forward and focus on healing as quickly as possible. Please help us in this nightmare that we are living every single day."

Bridegan said Monday's arraignment of Tenon was her first time seeing the accused killer and she was still processing that moment.

"It's still kind of sinking in," she said. "They opened the door and I saw his profile and he (Tenon) walked out. To think that that might have been one of the last people my husband saw is a hard pill to swallow."  

Bridegan said she couldn't comment on any information about other possible arrests or suspects. In previous interviews, the widow said her husband believed he was in danger. "We can't comment on that today," said Adam Bridegan, Jared's brother, who was with the family at the courthouse.

Tenon, 61, was arrested on Jan. 25 in what police say was a targeted killing. He faces charges of second degree murder, conspiracy to commit first degree murder, child abuse and being an accessory after the fact. 

Bexley, Jared Bridegan's 2-year-old daughter, was strapped in her car seat when her father was shot to death in his vehicle, police said.

Kirsten Bridegan said she talked to her child about Tenon's arrest.

"I said one of the bad guys who hurt dad is not going to hurt anybody else and he's in jail," she said. "And in her own toddler mind, she said, 'so he's in a long timeout?' I said yes, he's in a timeout that's not going to end."

Tenon rented a property from Mario Fernandez, husband of Shanna Gardner-Fernandez, Jared Bridegan's first wife. They had two children and split in a bitter divorce followed by a years-long custody battle.

Tenon's next court appearance is scheduled for next month.

Credit: Bridegan Family
Credit: JBPD
Jared Galen Bridegan
Credit: JSO
A previous mugshot of Henry Tenon from a traffic stop arrest.

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