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Jacksonville man pleads guilty to attempting to rob Vystar Credit Union, sentenced to 4 years

According to a police report, Jason Keeling told the teller he had an explosive device during the attempted robbery.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The video attached to this story is from our report the day Keeling was arrested.

Jason Allen Keeling, who was accused of trying to rob a VyStar Credit Union in Jacksonville, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and will be sentenced to 51.9 months in prison.

A police report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says that Keeling entered the bank and approached a teller, indicating that he had an explosive device and requested a certain amount of money. (That amount is redacted.)

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said a bag was found outside the bank. The bomb squad came to examine the bag and there were road closures, but police safely reopened the area.

The teller told Keeling she did not have access to that amount of money, and called the bank's Vice President to come over. What Keeling did next is redacted, but the report says at this time, additional employees started to respond.

As they were notifying security, the report says the suspect left out the front door, without any money.

The teller and an officer both identified Keeling as wearing a gold or tan colored jacket. The jacket police said Keeling was wearing was found in an alley near the credit union and his backpack was found inside a dumpster nearby. Keeling's shirt was also recovered later.

Police responded to Jason Allen Keeling's home for an unrelated reason, and when checking records, found a warrant for his arrest. He was then taken into custody.


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