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'I was freaking out:' Surveillance video shows person outside home of Jacksonville Beach widow one week after husband's murder

Kirsten Bridegan's husband was gunned down in the street in front of his daughter. Days later, a person was caught sneaking around her home.

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla — It's been a little more than two months since a St. Johns County father was killed in front of his two-year-old daughter.

Jared Bridegan's murder in Jacksonville Beach has drawn a lot of attention as family and friends are pleading for information about what happened.

Just a week after Jared Bridegan was shot, his wife, Kirsten, said they had an uninvited visitor at their home.

"I just tucked the kids in bed, and I got a notification there was a person in the driveway," Bridgen told First Coast News. 

Her security video camera recorded a blurry image in the bottom left corner of the screen. She said police had the video analyzed and confirmed the blurry blob is indeed a person. 

Bridegan said no other neighbors’ cameras picked up anything. 

Is the person who is captured on camera inches away from their home connected to her husband’s murder? She doesn’t know.

"This is the first time in living here two years of having person detected on camera, and it was the week after," Bridegan said. "Either the timing is insane or it could be connected."

When asked why the surveillance video is coming out now, she told First Coast News, "I didn't think to share it with the media because it did scare me. I didn't know if this could help with anything or not, if it was related or not. It wasn't until recently when a reporter asked me about it, somehow had looked up the police report and asked me for the footage, that this all came out.  So I provided it to the reporter who asked. And now it's out there."

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Because the image is so blurry, Bridegan doubts it can help in her husband's case. Police say the only thing they really have to go on is a truck.

Jacksonville Beach Police believe a Ford F-150 truck is connected to the murder case. Why? Police have their reasons. 

Bridegan told First Coast News, "I just know it was caught in certain spots. It's because of where it was and when it was, that makes it suspicious." 

Last week, at a vigil for her late husband, she said she's felt so alone after his death in mid-February. 

"I still feel alone in the sense that Jared’s not here. I go to bed every night by myself," tears welled up in her eyes. "But I don’t feel alone in this fight. I know the community is here, the country is gathering behind us, internationally has gathered around us. There's a lot of power behind this fight for justice for Jared, and that makes me feel less alone."

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