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Videos of Brianna Williams' hospitalization released among other potential evidence in death of 5-year-old Taylor Williams case

**WARNING: This story contains graphic language and videos that may be disturbing to some.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The mother of Taylor Rose Williams, a 5-year-old Jacksonville girl found dead in Alabama, was expected to appear in court Tuesday in relation to her daughter's case but that never happened.

The case was delayed to March 24 after the defense said they received "supplemental discovery" including pages of additional evidence.

Last month, Brianna's defense team also asked the judge for more time to review the potential evidence in the case which now includes thousands of photographs and surveillance video from more than two dozen locations.

The following is a compilation of the evidence obtained by First Coast News.

  • List of total items taken into evidence by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Some of the items include a red shovel, multiple pairs of soiled children's underwear, DNA samples, multiple firearms and ammunition, children's clothing with unknown liquid on them, condoms from a trash bag and possible blood DNA swabs from a closet wall.

Other items include two birth certificates found on the living room floor of a home, carpet with dried fecal matter, and the presence of dead maggots on several items. 

The location where each of the items were found was not disclosed.

  • Videos released depicting Brianna getting sick inside a vehicle after being asked about being a 'person of interest'

Several videos depict Brianna Williams driving in a car with an unknown male individual, both in navy uniform. The man appears to drop Brianna Williams off at an unknown location and then pick her back up. 

When she gets back in the car she appears to be in medical distress and is rushed to the hospital.

*The video is dated 8/11/2014 but this may be a recording error.

**WARNING: This story contains graphic language and videos that may be disturbing to some.

  • A search warrant was filed in November by the 17th Judicial Circuit of Alabama in relation to the case

The search warrant details probable cause to search the yard, cars, anything on property think is connected to the investigation and specifically notes “any evidence related to the missing/endangered subject including hair, tissue, fibers ... or other materials related to the missing/endangered person or disposal of evidence.”

According to the probable cause, after Brianna Williams reported her daughter missing, she let officers search the area surrounding her Southside home in Jacksonville.

Investigators noted that the trunk of her car was empty and appeared to have been cleaned. They noted that the odor of cleaner could be smelled emanating from the trunk. A cadaver dog indicated that the smell of decomposition was recognizable in the trunk and the driver’s compartment.

When detectives went into her apartment on Palm Breeze Road they noted that the smell of decomposition was also recognizable and a cadaver dog once again indicated to smell of decomposition.

They noted that there was lots of clutter in the apartment and in the bedroom the smell of “feces and urine was overwhelming."

Detectives found what they believe was soiled children’s underwear, soiled carpeting, and cans of soup that appeared to have a small opening to drink from.

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  •  Affidavit and search warrant of Brianna Williams’ phone 

Description of the investigation from the first time detectives searched Williams’ home/car, to their interview with two people who helped Williams move from one apartment to a new home in the Brentwood area.

  • Affidavit and search warrant of Brianna Williams’ email

Investigators searched IP logs, data showing when and where digital images or videos were created, a list of all accounts ever active on the device, data and info associated with her profile page, Google Hangouts chat histories/contacts, Picasa/Google Photos files and content, Google Drive files and more.

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