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Glynn County police investigated after cavity search

A press release from GCPD said that officers conducted a cavity search on a woman who may have had meth, leading to disciplinary action against two officers.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Disciplinary action has been taken against two Glynn County police officers -- and full review of policies and training exercises is underway -- after a theft investigation lead to a cavity search of a woman.

An incident report received by First Coast News reveals the two officers first responded to a shoplifting at an Academy Sports. The suspect fled from police in a vehicle.

When officers caught up with the car, the woman in the passenger seat told them she had illegal substances in her body. The specific substance was not named in the report.

According to the incident report, officers also found paraphernalia that was used to consume cocaine. 

The incident report does not state a cavity search was performed.

But according to a press release from Glynn County Police Department, the passenger said she was carrying a large amount of meth, and showed what was described as "visible signs" of stress.

That's what the release says caused the officers to remove the suspected drugs from the woman. 

Those actions were described as: "A judgement call by officers on the scene, and the GCPD investigation determined they acted in a good faith effort to safeguard the suspect's life."

Ultimately, an internal investigation by the Office of Professional Standards, the District Attorney's Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation found there was no criminality in the officer's actions. 

Police tell First Coast News body camera footage cannot be released because it is part of the investigation.

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