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Man who dropped off body of popular Jacksonville singer at hospital arrested in drug case

George Sapp drove a deceased woman to the hospital in April. Jacksonville Beach police opened up a death investigation which resulted in his arrest in a drug case.

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — What started off as a death investigation has resulted in the arrest of a Jacksonville Beach man accused of trafficking drugs. George Sapp, 42, was arrested Wednesday and charged with possession to sell, manufacture or deliver a controlled substance. 

His arrest comes 160 days after he dropped off Charity Huntley, 27, at Baptist Medical Center Beaches. Police were called to the hospital that day around 10 a.m. April 6 in reference to a man who drove to the emergency room with a deceased female. The female was identified as Huntley, a popular Jacksonville singer known as Charity Linique.

Sapp put her body in the rear storage area of a Chevrolet Tahoe before taking her to the ER. When police arrived, they said she was nude, and "the body was cold to the touch and stiff, indicating signs of rigor mortis," a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking report states.

An autopsy determined her death was caused by a combination of drugs including fentanyl, oxycodone, and ethanol, a medical examiner's report states.

Officers who arrived at the hospital took Sapp to the police station where he gave his account of what occurred the night before. Much of the police report is redacted, but Sapp said he ran into Huntley at the beach and the two hung out and went out on a boat. He alleged that Huntely asked him if he had any pills and he gave her half of a Percocet. Sapp said he laid out air mattresses in his garage. He told police he went into the house around 8:30 p.m. to check on his girlfriend. He also told investigators that he ran an errand. 

The redacted report doesn't detail what time Sapp found her body. Officers searched Sapp and found Percocet/oxycodone, the report states.

Police looked at video of the entrance points of the apartment complex where Sapp lived and observed, "the victim walking from her car to the boat. When the suspect and victim returns to the boat ramp, the victim is holding onto the suspect's arm in order to walk," the report states.

Credit: wtlv
Charity Huntley, 27, was a popular Jacksonville singer who went by Charity Linique. She died in April 2023 of an overdose.

"The General Investigations Unit obtained an arrest warrant for George C. Sapp for trafficking in illegal drugs that began as a death investigation," Jacksonville Beach police stated Wednesday in a news release. "Due to several risk factors, our SWAT team was utilized to arrest the suspect. This morning, at approximately 9:30 am, George C. Sapp was placed under arrest after a vehicle takedown was initiated on the Green’s Way in Jacksonville Beach," the release states.

Sapp remained at Duval County Jail late Wednesday on $150,000 bond.

Woman previously accused Sapp of drugging, having sex with her

In January 2019, another woman filed a petition for an injunction for protection against sexual violence against Sapp. At that time, Sapp worked at Wacko's, a notorious Jacksonville strip club. The woman told police she finished her shift for the day and was waiting for a friend to help her fix her car, the petition states. Sapp invited the woman to go to his house for five minutes and smoke. While at the house, the woman alleged that Sapp began feeding her Xanax. She tried to pretend she was eating it but kept the pills in her hand, the petition states. When Sapp noticed she wasn't taking the pills, he started physically putting the pills in her mouth with his hand, the petition states.

The woman told police she blacked out and woke up at a motel alone and not at Sapp's home. She was naked, the petition states. She got dressed and walked into the hallway where a man saw her crying. He helped her charge her phone and call the police from the front desk, the petition states.

Sapp arrived at the motel while the woman was speaking to officers. He asked "What's going on?" and she asked him "Why did I wake up naked," the petition states. Sapp told her they had sex and she said she didn't remember.

Sapp then showed officers a video of him having sexual intercourse with her, the petition states. "The officer told me that it appeared that I was having fun during the video," the petition states.

Sapp was never charged criminally with a crime in that case and the petition is listed as "closed" according to Duval County court documents.

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Credit: Jacksonville Beach Police Department
George Sapp, 42, drove Charity Huntley, 27, to the hospital in April. She had died of an overdose. Sapp was arrested Wednesday on drug charges.
Credit: First Coast News
George Sapp, 42, is accused of drug trafficking. In April 2023, he brought a deceased woman, Charity Huntley, 27, to a Jacksonville beach hospital.

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