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New video shows Aiden Fucci's parents scolding him for Snapchat posts from police car

After Fucci brutally murdered his classmate, he took Snapchats joking about his victim in the back of a police car.

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — Aiden Fucci's sentencing will be streamed gavel-to-gavel on FirstCoastNews.com, the First Coast News app and on our YouTube page.

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A new video shown during Aiden Fucci's sentencing shows his parents scolding him in a police interrogation room, telling him that he is "all over the internet" after he posted Snapchat photos and videos from the back of a police car. 

Fucci was brought in for questioning after he stabbed his classmate Tristyn Bailey 114 times -- a crime he pleaded guilty to in February.

Part of the reason the crime captured national attention was Fucci's eerie behavior afterward; the most prominent evidence of this behavior being the series of Snapchats. 

In the photos and video, Fucci is in the back of the squad car. At the time the Snapchats were taken, Tristyn was still considered missing. Her body had not yet been found.

In one photo, he threw up a peace sign and, in the text on the photo, pretended to be unaware where Tristyn was and asked if anyone had seen her.

In the Snapchat videos, he joked about how if Tristyn showed up unharmed, he would be upset that he went through police questioning. 

Psychologist Dr. Gregory Pritchard said during his testimony at Fucci's sentencing that this was "callous" behavior.

During the video of Fucci with his parents shown to the court Tuesday, he was waiting for police interrogation. At this point, Tristyn's body had been found. Fucci's story at the time was that he had pushed Tristyn and she may have hit her head. He repeatedly claims he didn't know where she went after he walked away from her in the woods where she was found.

In the video, his mother, Crystal Smith, scolds him for posting the videos: "Do you know how many people have [unintelligible] because of that Snapchat thing that you did? It's all over, you're all over the internet everywhere, it's on social media. You'll probably come stay with me after we get done with this just for your safe wellbeing." 

She tells him, "This is serious, Aiden, this is very serious." She warns him that he has endangered his brothers and sisters: "They can't go to school tomorrow. The kids will hurt them." 

Smith is also charged in the crime after deputies say surveillance video shows her washing blood out of her son's jeans. According to deputies’ reports, when she was with Fucci in the Sheriff’s Office interrogation room, she advised him to “find his story and stick with it.” Reports say she also “attempted to convince him” he was wearing khakis the night of the murder, rather than the allegedly bloody blue jeans. The report said Smith whispered the word “blood” to him as if to remind him the pants were not clean. She has pleaded not guilty to evidence tampering. 

Fucci faces a possible sentence of life in prison. His sentencing is expected to last until Friday.

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