The man involved in a multi-vehicle crash that spanned two counties died Thursday, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said Matthew Bennett died in a Jacksonville hospital, following a multi-vehicle crash that ended in St. Johns County Wednesday night.

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The incident started in Duval County near the J. Turner Butler Westbound and Hodges Boulevard exit, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Police spoke with witnesses who said they saw a man, later identified as Matthew Bennett, get into an accident. Two bystanders pulled over to help Bennett after the crash.

"I was just trying to be his angel," said Jeremy Bennett, who has no relation to Matthew Bennett.

Jeremy Bennett said Matthew Bennett then got out of his vehicle and approached him while asking, "Can I borrow your car?" before walking past him and getting into the bystander's vehicle. 

Jeremy Bennett tried to stop Matthew Bennett, but he accelerated and drove off. Jeremy Bennett's co-worker was in the car when Matthew Bennett took it. 

Police later learned a second bystander had also spoken with Matthew Bennett and he also asked her if he could borrow her car. She told him "no" and asked if there was anything she could do to help him out. That's when he asked her if she could "stitch-up [his] forehead and let [him] drive [her] car." 

The conversation between Matthew Bennett and the second bystander occurred right before he stole the vehicle of the first bystander. 

The incident then continued into St. Johns County where Matthew Bennett stole and crashed an unmarked SUV belonging to a St. Johns County deputy, causing I-95 southbound near State Road 206 to be shut down for about five hours.

Matthew Bennett was arrested in St. Johns County and taken to the hospital. 

Jeremy Bennett says he thanks God for his co-workers survival. "We give thanks to the Lord.  We are doing okay."