The FBI will be searching a landfill in southeast Georgia in hopes of finding evidence in the disappearance of Nassau County mother, Joleen Cummings.

The FBI Evidence Response team will begin searching the Chesser Landfill in Charlton County on Saturday, July 7.

The FBI, Nassau County Sheriff's Office, State Attorney's Office and other agencies held a press conference at 1 p.m. on Monday regarding the search.

According to officials, there is surveillance video showing suspect Kimberly Kessler throwing something away in a dumpster in Nassau County. Agencies were able to trace where that garbage would be dumped and found it would have gone to the Chesser Landfill.

A hold was put on incoming trash to the landfill while agencies figured out where that specific dumpster's trash would go.

Officials have isolated an area the size of a football field to search. There is 2700 tons of trash to go through and they expect the search to take seven days.

The search will begin at 7 a.m. every day and end at 7 p.m. At any given time there will be 25 FBI members with the Evidence Response Team from all over the country searching as well as other management and medical personnel on site.

Cadaver dogs are available, however, they will not be used. There are sharp objects and possibly harmful chemicals and fire hazards which makes it too dangerous to deploy cadaver dogs.

A First Coast News reporter asked State Attorney Melissa Nelson if a body is necessary to bring murder charges. Nelson said the State Attorney's Office has, in the past, successfully brought murder charges without a body. At this point, Kessler is being held on grand-theft auto for allegedly stealing and dumping Cummings' car.

Around 1 p.m. First Coast News confirmed the presence of the FBI at the landfill. According to the spokesperson for Waste Management, the FBI is the lead agency at the Chesser Island Landfill in Charlton County. The FBI sent a press release to Waste Management regarding their presence there in connection to the Cummings investigation.

Our reporter on scene had seen more than one agency's vehicle on the property.

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This is the same landfill where, almost a decade ago, the body of Somer Thompson, a little girl who went missing out of Jacksonville, was found.

Cummings' case began on Mother's Day when she was supposed to pick up her children from their father's house but she did now show up.

Authorities have arrested Kimberly Kessler in connection to her disappearance. She was charged with grand-theft auto after police say they she was seen on surveillance video dropping Cummings' car at a Home Depot parking lot after Cummings disappeared.

Kessler was a coworker of Cummings in a Yulee hair salon. Authorities revealed Kessler was going under a different name at the time; she was tied to 18 different aliases and lived in 33 different cities.

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