JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A 1-year-old dog named “Milo” is recovering after he was shot and abandoned in the woods for weeks in Putnam County. Florida Urgent Rescue (FUR) picked up the dog and transferred him to a Jacksonville Beach veterinary hospital for surgery.

“Someone was standing about this dog, shooting downwards, execution style. This was not an accident, this was deliberately someone trying to kill the dog,” F.U.R President Mike Merrill said. “The bullet went in the top of his snout, through the roof of his mouth, and then shattered his teeth and his jaw bone, and left a very large exit wound on side of his neck.”

Part of Milo’s jaw has been removed due to infection, but he’s still expected to recover in a few weeks.

“Despite everything, he is just an absolute cuddle bug," Merrill said. "He just wants love, he is so sweet and so affection and such a gentle dog, it’s just shocking that anybody would try to shoot him.”

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