Atlantic Beach residents may have noticed the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office dive team in the water near Wonderwood Drive Monday. That's about a half mile from Mayport Naval Station near Oaks of Atlantic Beach. 

Around a half dozen dive team members could be seen searching and scanning a pond near in the area. 

“My neighbor told me that JSO had divers in the pond, so I walked down to see what I could see,” Norman Hurd said.

Hurd said he wandered down the street toward the pond which is less than a football field away from his home.

“I heard one guy mention to the other that they were looking for 'two,' he recalled. "I don’t know what 'two' mean.” 

JSO said the search is part of an active criminal investigation and the search is related to a follow-up investigation. JSO did not provide further details.

“Looks liked they did a thorough job," Hurd said.

This is one of two searches conducted Monday. The other within a mile of Oaks of Atlantic Beach. 

Dive team crews were there for about four hours. Our cameras did not see much come to the surface. While the pond is near the Oaks of Atlantic Beach, it is unclear if the investigation is connected to the complex.

JSO says the unit investigating was not homicide.