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Cure Violence is investigating the triple shooting in the Moncrief area

Cure Violence is a non-profit that aims to reduce the crime in Jacksonville.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — First Coast News has been following a shooting that left multiple bystanders injured in the Moncrief area on West 35th street and Moncrief Road.

We were told by police that the victims shot were not involved in the exchange of gun fire.

“I'm very concerned. I’m very concerned. Because we don’t know who is next. We are practically afraid to drive around the street over here now,” said Gwen Nmazi, the president of the Royal Terrace Community.

Nmazi says the area where the shooting took place has always had a issue with gun violence.

She believes more of a police presence in the neighborhood would reduce the crime.

“It’s dangerous I don’t know what's actually going on over near that car wash, but I really do think they need to focus on it a lot more," said Nmazi.

Program Manager for Cure Violence Jacksonville, Mildred Jennings, says they are investigating the shooting.

The areas they focus on are Durkeeville, New town, Flag street, and Grand park.

“The team will go out and just kind of talk with the community and find out what’s going on and a lot of times we’ll get phone calls regarding to what's going on," said Jennings. 

City Councilwoman, Randy DeFoor, says the line of shootings that happened in the past week are concerning and something needs to be done.

“This isn’t one program, one person, one official, not just city council, not just the mayor, not the state attorney, not just the sheriff its going to require the whole entire city to address this issue," said DeFoor. 

If you or anyone know any additional information on the shooting you an call crime stoppers and you can remain anonymous.