Hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars of goods were stolen from a home on the Westside of Jacksonville. A surveillance camera caught the whole thing.

"Yesterday, I was livid," Homeowner Nancy Frascacavazarez said.

Frascacavazarez says she thought her neighborhood was safe. In broad daylight, her home was chosen by two thieves as the target of a break in.

"Yeah, I mean kicked the frame in," Frascacavazarez said.

You can hear the thieves yelling "JSO" in the video, claiming to be officers.

"Yes, yes even the police were like, 'we can't believe them,'" Frascacavazarez said.

Frascacavazarez says the door was bolt locked and the alarm was on, but that didn't make them skip a beat.

"It was just insane," Frascacavazarez said.

Frascacavazarez says she watched the video of her home being robbed as it was happening.

"I saw it," Frascacavazarez said. "I heard the alarm go off on my app on my iPhone, and I watched them carry stuff out of my house."

As far as what was stolen, Frascacavazarez says it got a little strange. Apparently, these thieves needed some underwear.

"So unnerving that their hands were in our underwear drawers," Frascacavazarez said.

She says they also stole a laundry basket and used it to carry away a 55-inch TV, all of their laptops and her 14-year-old son's Xbox with controllers and games, among other things.

"His basketball stuff is gone, some of his hats, just a lot of stuff," Frascacavazarez said.

Frascacavazarez wants to get these two off the street to keep another family from going through this.

If there's one good note that comes out of this, Frascacavazarez says the thieves tried to take another TV that was mounted, but it was fastened securely to the wall. She says those extra screws could be a difference maker in your home.

If you know anything that can help catch the suspects, you are asked to contact JSO. You can remain anonymous.