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Glynn County day care director arrested, accused of slapping child to the ground

According to the police report, the director of The Kids Nest Learning Center is charged with battery after allegedly slapping a three-year-old.

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — A Brunswick day care director is charged with battery after allegedly slapping a child in the face and knocking her to the ground, a police report says.

Glynn County Police arrested 49-year-old Manjeet Grant Tuesday. An arrest report says police were called to The Kids Nest Learning Center located at 419 Benedict Road after the child's mother, Shay Lee, called 911.

Lee said when she went to pick her daughter, Londyn, up, an administrator told her that Grant slapped Londyn.

“It was just a regular day going to get my kids from daycare," Lee said. "Once I stepped foot in the door, they were like, 'um, we need to talk.' And I said, 'ok' and she was like, 'can you please step outside with me,' and I said, 'it’s that serious,' and they said, 'yes, I’m afraid so,'” she said.

"They explained that she knocked, basically knocked her off her feet, slapped her in the face," Lee said.

According to the police report, the incident happened around 10 or 11 a.m., but Lee said the day care didn't tell her until she picked Londyn up later that day.

“Her face was red. Basically, you could tell that it was a handprint on her face, not telling how long ago this happened because I didn’t get a phone call. Nobody was contacted about my child, and that’s when I called the police," Lee said.

The report said the officer went inside the day care and spoke with Grant about what happened. She told the officer, "I made a mistake," according to the report.

Grant told police she and the child were sitting on the ground and the child kicked her shoes off. Grant said she then hit the child on the foot, the report said.

The officer then interviewed a teacher at the day care, who told police that Grant slapped the child across the face, "knocking her to the ground.” She said that she helped the child to her feet and checked her for injuries, which the child did not appear to have. Grant again only admitted to hitting the child on the foot.

The teacher said she was shocked that Grant slapped the child, according to the report.

The officer went back outside and talked to the child who said Grant hit her. When the officer asked where she was hit, she pointed to her face, the report said.

"She was very shook. I was enraged. I wanted to go in the back and slap her myself," Lee said.

Lee said her children have attended the day care for years and she never had an issue like this. Now, though, she said several parents have expressed concerns about the quality of care their children received.

“Just always ask your child how was your day no matter if they tell you the same thing every day. Check them before you send them and just hear them out. They will tell you. Eventually, you will get to the bottom of things if your child is being mistreated," Lee said.

She said she's never sending her children back to The Kids Nest Learning Center, and as of right now, Lee doesn't want to send them to any day care.

Grant lists herself as the director of the day care on her LinkedIn page, but Lee said she is the owner. 

Grant's husband, who the report said is co-owner of the day care, arrived on the scene and asked if police could wait to arrest his wife so parents arriving to pick up their children wouldn't see her in handcuffs.

Grant was searched, placed in handcuffs and placed in the backseat of the officer's patrol car. A release from the Glynn County Detention Center said Grant posted $1,256 bond Tuesday.

First Coast News reached out to the day care Thursday, and we were told Grant no longer works there, but that they had no further comment. 

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