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Aiden Fucci's lawyers ask for delayed trial, say they need more time to depose 47 witnesses

Documents show the prosecution is calling more than 250 witnesses in the trial, which will decide 15-year-old Fucci's guilt in Tristyn Bailey's death.

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — Tristyn Bailey's accused killer Aiden Fucci's lawyers are asking that his November trial be delayed.

Fucci, 15, is charged with stabbing Tristyn 114 times, a crime that stunned not only St. Johns County, where they lived, but the whole country. He will be tried as an adult and could face life in prison.

The motion for continuance submitted by his legal team, which requests the defense be given more time to prepare for the trial, says that the state does not oppose the request. This means Fucci's trial will most likely be pushed back, over a year after the crime.

The document says that the prosecution has "listed in excess of two hundred and fifty witnesses, of which a hundred are Category 'A' witnesses," and the defense needs to complete discovery depositions for the "remaining forty-seven category 'A' witnesses."

Category A witnesses are 'key' witnesses, including police officers who responded to a crime, alibi witnesses, eye witnesses and anyone who can present evidence on either side.

Fucci's team argues that to effectively provide him with counsel, they need more time.

A filing made available last week says Fucci will not speak with any jail psychologist or jail minister about the case without his attorney present.

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He is also refusing to consent to a polygraph test, having his home or property searched or giving any hair, blood or saliva samples.

Another new filing in the first-degree murder case against the teen seeks to muzzle potential witness in the case. Attorneys say the move is needed to prevent them from either sharing incorrect information or changing their testimony ahead of trial.

If approved by the judge, it would prevent witnesses from discussing the case outside of the presence of defense lawyers and prosecutors.

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