A South Florida man is behind bars on the First Coast after a chase ended in St. Johns County Friday night.

Traffic was shut-down for hours on I-95 near Mile Marker 305 after one of the responding troopers accidentally discharged his weapon according to Florida Highway Patrol.

FHP said they were pursuing a suspect driving recklessly. An FHP report explained the driving was consistent with “someone under the influence.”

The vehicle stopped near State Road 206, which is where an auxiliary trooper responding to the situation inadvertently discharged one round from their department-issued weapon, according to the report.

No one was injured.

First Coast News Crime and Safety Analyst Mark Baughman described the typical response from officers in a similar situation.

“Depending on the nature of the stop is, if it’s a felony stop, then yes weapons are out," Baughman said. "If it’s a traffic infraction typically not but there might be other things related to it.” 

The suspect, Giovani Ricky Philogene of West Palm Beach, was arrested and taken to the St. Johns County Jail where he faces several charges.

Baughman said cases of accidental discharged weapons are few and far between but do receive full internal investigations.

“This doesn’t happen very often," he said. "I’ve witnessed them before but it’s exactly that it was an accident, inadvertent, not meant to happen."

First Coast News inquired to FHP about the training auxiliary troopers receive.

There was not an immediate answer to the inquiry.