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Brianna Williams' defense team asks for more time to review potential evidence

She was once again wearing a red jumpsuit, which means "possible self-harm, high escape risk, or medical transport."

The mother of Taylor Rose Williams, a 5-year-old Jacksonville girl found dead in Alabama, appeared in court Tuesday in relation to her daughter's case.

Brianna Williams walked into the courtroom appearing emotionless, and perhaps a bit downcast, as she walked to her position in front of the judge.

She was once again wearing a red jumpsuit, which means "possible self-harm, high escape risk, or medical transport." 

Her defense team asked the judge for more time to review the potential evidence in the case which includes thousands of photographs and surveillance video from more than two dozen locations.

The judge passed the case to March 3.

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Brianna Williams reported her daughter missing on Nov. 6, telling investigators that she last saw her daughter around midnight in their Brentwood home.

Since then, Williams also reportedly made "numerous false statements" to investigators which led them on a search that spanned over multiple counties.

Taylor's remains were discovered in a wooded area in Alabama and now there more questions than answers.

5 things to know:

1. Taylor Williams' remains identified

On Monday, Nov. 25, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office held a news conference where it confirmed the child remains found between Linden, Alabama and Demopolis, Alabama on Nov. 12 were Taylor's.

"It's important to clarify that confirmation adds yet another layer to the vast scale of this investigation that's been underway since Taylor was reported missing," said JSO chief of investigations, T.K. Waters. 

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2. Brianna Williams arrested, charged

About a week after Taylor Williams was reported missing, mother Brianna Williams was arrested and charged with child neglect and giving false information to investigators on Nov. 12.

However, an arrest warrant First Coast News obtained by the State Attorney's Office stated instances of reported child neglect, including:

  • A neighbor saying he saw Taylor Williams "alone and wandering" on multiple occasions looking for her mom at an apartment complex on the Southside
  • The apartment was "cluttered with trash bags and boxes stacked on top of each other," according to the warrant

Williams also reportedly made "numerous false statements" to investigators.

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3. Brianna Williams moved from hospital

On Nov. 12, following the announcement of a child's remains found, Sheriff Mike Williams said Brianna Williams was in the hospital with serious injuries from an apparent overdose.

A close family friend to Brianna Williams - who wished to remain anonymous - told First Coast News that the mother overdosed after a child's remains were found in Alabama and when police were on their way to arrest her. 

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4. Williams has first appearance

Brianna Williams stood before a judge for the first time Jan. 8 and took a plea of not guilty. The Judge read her charges, three felonies, that include two counts of child neglect and one count of lying to law enforcement officers.

Williams wore a red jumpsuit instead of the standard issued gray or green jumpsuits. This means she is being watched for possible self-harm, is a high escape risk or has needed medical transport. 

"She definitely looks like she has lost some weight," First Coast News crime analyst Mark Baughman said. "Maybe that is because she is depressed and not eating."

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5. Evidence in the case

Last week, prosecutors turned over their list of potential evidence in the case, including thousands of photographs and surveillance video from more than two dozen locations. Together with reams of digital data, they show investigators' effort to pinpoint Williams’ actions in the days leading up to her 911 call.

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