Two Camden County High School students are back in school after they were charged with felony terroristic threats and acts. They were charged for reportedly posting a video showing them pretending to execute three other students last November.

The video was reported to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which then investigated the incident. (Please note that the three victims in the video were unharmed.)

The video first shows photos of the three victims, followed by an image of all of them together. Right after, you see a cloth draped over an unknown figure's head, followed by someone holding a gun to their head and pulling the trigger. The video continues for the other two victims.

WARNING: Graphic content -- Click here to watch the video.

The GBI found that the two students who reportedly made the video attended the same school as the victims.

They were arrested Feb. 21. and served two days at a youth detention center, according to the video posted by the Tribune & Georgia, a newspaper in St. Marys, Ga. The students then took a plea deal for a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct and were able to return back to school.

The parents agreed to reduce charges from felony to misdemeanor, so the boys wouldn't face prison time.

They agreed to this arrangement under the condition that the teens would seek mental counseling, be removed from social media and face a tribunal meeting with the school board.

The Tribune & Georgia also reports that they have faced no disciplinary action from Camden County Schools.

First Coast News reached out to Camden County Schools for comment, but we have not heard back.