JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was a historic and unprecedented moment that took place in the middle of a packed hospital lobby Wednesday morning. A couple in love said "I do" at the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute in Jacksonville.

Dave Leek and Bobby Godden, now the new Mrs. Bobby Leek, are from England. They traveled to the First Coast in May so Dave could receive radiation at the institute, but in the midst of it all, they decided to get married.

"She's looked after me, for these four years, so this is her day, she deserves this day, so seeing her walking down I felt proud," he said. "She looks beautiful."

The words "in sickness and in health" meant something extra special for the newlyweds as they continue the good fight with more treatment.

In February of 2014, Dave was diagnosed with Sacral Chordoma, a rare form of cancer in the spine.

After surgery to remove the tumor, it grew back so he had it removed again in January.

The couple of 13 years and their two kids came to the UF Proton Institute to receive radiation to prevent it from growing back again. They say the fight to stay alive has enlightened them on love.

"We’ve got a whole new outlook on humanity, to be truthful, there is kindness out there and we are pleased to say we found it here in America."

They are changed by, what they describe as, an atmosphere of kindness in Jacksonville. They wanted to pass it on.

"I feel that we’ve uplifted people, you know everyone who comes here is poorly, in one way or another, so hopefully they won’t just have memories of the center about cancer treatment, they came to the center to see us get married," Bobby said.

Their kids are just as excited for their marriage as they are, describing it as "overwhelming," but in a good way.

"We have been through the lows and the highs, if you can get through this together, you can get through anything," he said. "She's my best friend, that's really it."