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How to protect your pet, calm their anxiety this Independence Day

A trip to your vet, at-home tricks, or alternatives like CBD oil can ensure a tail wagging holiday.
Credit: Caroline Webb
CBD oil and K9 & Kitty Calmer are pet anxiety relievers sold by Earth Pets.

As fireworks are ready to blast off, we are reminded of the impact that Independence Day has on our animals. 

The loud, booming noise that comes with Fourth of July celebrations can trigger anxiety and fear in many pets.

To help with coping, Dr. Susan Shelton, a veterinarian at St. Francis Animal Hospital, recommends planning ahead.

"The best thing to do, if you know that that is what your dog is prone to, is to visit your veterinarian ahead of time so you can get some Xanax and help them...calm down," Shelton said.

For last minute remedies, Shelton recommends paying attention to your body language.

"Plan on staying as calm as possible yourself, trying not to add anything to their stress," she said. "Sometimes when we're talking to our animals, we don't realize it, but we're kind of giving them cues to even ramp up some more."

The Jacksonville Humane Society also has tips for a tail wagging holiday:

  1. Keep your pet indoors
  2. Try letting them stay in a bedroom for a safe space
  3. Turn on the TV to dull the fireworks

Still need a remedy for your four-legged friend? Earth Pets Natural Pet Market may have your answer.

The pet supplies store sells CBD oil and K9 & Kitty Calmer, both used to ease anxiety.

While the CBD oil is long-lasting and can also help your pet with physical pain, it takes longer to go into effect, so planning ahead is necessary.

For a special occasion quick fix, try the K9 & Kitty Calmer which will go into effect in about 20 minutes. 

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