A volunteer firefighter in Putnam County is facing eviction from his home after falling on hard times, but his community is rallying around him.

“Without this, I’d be homeless, I don’t know what we’d do with the circumstances my wife is under,” Melvin Asher said.

A two-stall firehouse in rural Putnam county sees a lot of action.

For 19 years, one volunteer has given his all, but now is in need of help.

“When I first joined, our tanker was an old oil truck and the pump was a hand crank,” Asher said.

He is used to showing up when people need him, but after his wife, Kathy fell ill and business at his other job dried-up, the couple's situation changed.

“The electric bill and the water bill, and I’ve been going to the food pantries at churches,” Asher said.

He added the bills amount to roughly $8,000, but his community is stepping up: donating nearly half within 24 hours of a GoFundMe page launching.

Through it all, Asher remains on the job.

“It’s just something I do to help the community,” Asher said.

He added it’s the people he sees every day when they are in the most need that keeps him motivated. One call years ago still stays with him.

“When we arrived on scene we thought the infant had already passed away and noticed that he was still breathing,” Asher said.

That baby is doing just fine years later, he explained. Asher said he watches as people donate online or leave money at the firehouse, which continues to give him hope.

“There’s a lot of them right now, there’s too many to keep up with,” Asher said of those donating.

All from a firefighter who says he’s no hero -- just a man doing what he was meant to do.

“Know that you get out there and make a difference,” Asher said.

A GoFundMe page for the Asher Family can be found here.