JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - You could say UNF student, Sara Gaver, has never met a stranger. The bubbly health administration student is known all around campus.

"I could not be more thankful for the time I've had here," Gaver says.

She's not just known for her smiling personality or the title of Miss Wheelchair Florida, but also the project she's been working on for about three years: Project Closer is focused on creating a volunteer corp. of student caretakers that can help students with disabilities do basic daily activities.

"Your small things like flipping pages in a book that we can train any student to do if they are really interested in," Gaver explains.

Gaver and current caretaker, Haley, are more like two friends moving around campus, which is what she has in mind for Project Closer. She realized there was a need for the program when she started college and had to deal with a rotation of caretakers, some much older than her.

"They didn't want to walk around or go to class or do the things that I wanted to do as a 19 or 20 year old and that kind of held me back," Gaver says. "So now I have those caretakers that are on my level and more like a friend than a caretaker, I get to expand my horizon and do a lot more of what I like to do."

Her idea was quite popular at OneSpark and she hopes to have it roll out at UNF in the next five years, proving to all students on graduation day that one person with a good idea can make a huge difference in the community.