JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An international artist just put the finishing touches on the largest mural in Jacksonville. His hope is that it sends a message of unity.

"I think that this will definitely inspire culture,” says Connell Croom - the man represented in the mural.

Towering 150 feet over the North Florida Shipyard, the images of two people now watch over the city.

"That's beautiful, wow,” says Croom.

Guido Van Helten is the artist. It took the Australian less than a week to finish the mural.

"I was quite inspired by these two people who reflect two communities. They really reflect this idea of unity that I want to promote,” says Guido Van Helten.

Two people who have only known each other for a short time; diverse like the city they love.

"Its inspiration just looking at something as giant as that, knowing anything is possible in Jacksonville,” says Croom.

"I'm partially deaf so I am going to sign for deaf viewers," he says.

When he was 5, doctors discovered he was deaf. He hopes this mural opens doors to diversity and acceptance.

"Its a signal of solidarity. Unity between all classes whether you are white, black, Hispanic, gay ,straight, transgender," he says. "I believe this represents an ongoing struggle in the fight for justice."

Croom jokes murals of people are usually of the dead.

The message here though is life and what you do with it:

"We have beautiful artists, musicians, voices."

For more information on murals in Downtown Jacksonville you can check out artrepublicjax.org.