JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--- Close to a 100 people are still waiting to return to their Jacksonville Townhouse Apartment home following Monday's three-alarm fire. The American Red Cross estimates 70 people are still receiving help the past three days since that fire.

“I know what it feels like when you get hit with a huge amount of need and you have a small amount of resources," nurse practitioner, Jacksonville Beach Mission House, Lisa Karr said.

Once Karr and the Jacksonville Beach Mission House continued to hear the news that nearly 100 people are still in a shelter following Monday’s fire, she jumped into action.

“It’s an easy thing for us to pack my car full of things we already have at our building and pay it forward to somebody else especially another non-profit charity," she said. "We just wanted to help and let people have a merry Christmas or at least a merrier Christmas than they have in the past few days."

The Rescue Mission wasn’t the only one spreading joy with a helping hand.

“I work for an estate sale company, Simmons Estate Sale, we have a lot of clothes left over, we brought that out there to help where we could. There are probably over a hundred outfits in there,” Marisa Bautista said.

Karr is now challenging others to do like Marisa Bautista and follow in her footsteps.

“Anybody who has a few minutes, these are 100 people a week before Christmas who lost everything," she said. "And my challenge will be that everyone loads up a car, loads up an SUV, bring whatever you can bring to these people who otherwise don’t have a Christmas to have and help others because that’s really what this season is all about.”