JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Forbes recently published an article saying Jacksonville is the second most popular city to move to in the country.

The study cites the State of Florida's lack of an income tax and ability to bounce back from the 2008 housing crash as big attractors for transplants.

Cole Slate, a Jacksonville realtor, says a low cost of living plays a huge role.

"I'll have customers that move down from the north and I show them what they can buy for $300,000 here and they almost think it's a joke because what they're buying for $300,000 here is a million dollars up there," says Slate.

Slate calls the city one of the hottest housing markets in the state because of what it has naturally.

"You have the ocean, you have the river, you have the Intracoastal, you have historic districts like San Marco, Riverside, downtown, easy access to St. Augustine and you also have the suburban areas," says Slate.

Admittedly, much of that success is in St. Johns County, where those who want to work in Jacksonville but live in the suburbs often move.

Recent additions like commercial development in Bartram Park and even the very recently completed 9-B dropoff have certainly helped.

People are also drawn to the family style homes and amenities.

"The distressed properties are down, we have a lot more new construction right now, so it's a lot of good stuff going on," says Slate.

Matt Davis and his family are moving to St. Johns from Toronto.

"When we looked at schools and the neighborhoods and some of the amenities out here, especially with 9B coming in right off of 220, the location really worked best for us," says Davis.