October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Last year, 215 people died in Florida from domestic violence. This month Hubbard House, the Duval Clerk of Courts, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the 4th Judicial Circuit have partnered up for a donation drive supporting domestic violence survivors. 

Approximately 5,000 purple flags are on the lawn of the Duval County Courthouse. Each represents the number of injunctions for domestic violence cases reported to the court last year. The Clerk's Office hopes the flags bring awareness about domestic violence. Clerk Ronnie Fussell says donations to Hubbard House will assist those seeking shelter. He hopes the drive also gives those currently facing domestic violence the courage to seek help.

The donation drive began Tuesday and the Clerk's Office is accepting non-perishable foods and other everyday items like diapers, linens and toiletries.

Gail Patin is the CEO of Hubbard House. She says the drive helps survivors know they aren't alone. 

“People know that there’s somebody here to help them, to provide hope, to provide help and to let them know that there is a future,” she said. 

The drive makes sure domestic violence survivors and their children have what they need during some of their worst times. Patin says Hubbard House ensures the safety of anyone seeking shelter. She hopes the drive will help provide items that will ensure their basic needs will also be taken care of.

Anyone can donate non-perishable food and basic necessities to the Clerk's Office at the Duval County Courthouse.

If you or someone you know has ever felt threatened, no matter the relationship, you can always ask for help. You can call Hubbard House's confidential 24/7 hotline at 904-354-3114.