The pressure of preparing for Christmas is enough to set some people over the edge, but one First Coast business is aiming to alleviate your rage in a safe space.

“A massage is nice,” said Sirena Williams, owner of Just Smash It rage room in Orange Park. “But letting out all of this aggression at the end of the day is going to help people more mentally than a massage would.”

Since Just Smash It opened, reservations have skyrocketed during the holiday season as people relieve their holiday stress.

“Once you suit up and the music gets you going, it’s so much fun,” Williams said.

Williams says many demolitionists have a common bond during the holidays.

“The in-laws are probably the biggest deal when it comes to anyone,” she said. “Especially when they overcrowd your house and they’re there for a week, then flights are missed and you’re running them here and there—we’ve seen the frustration go through the roof.”

Vases, TVs and furniture fill the back room of the facility, ready to restock the rage rooms as it is all quickly destroyed.

“TVs, furniture—they want the rooms set up like a bedroom so they can go in and feel like they’re at their house and they’ll recreate that scenario,” Williams said.

Holiday stress isn’t the only reason she sees customers come in.

“Divorces and breakups are the big ones,” Williams said. “Work—I hear people coming in here all the time saying ‘I had the worst week, I’m here I’m ready.’”

Demolitionists have their choice of the orange room, the neon room and the red room which all carry the same items, but fit a different mood.

“The girls like the red room,” she said. “They like that raging red.”

As the rooms are being booked left and right, Williams has now rented a building located behind the business to potentially expand to meet the growing demand to destroy things.

“They say go big or go home,” Williams said. “And that’s what they’re going to do. Hopefully, Jacksonville continues to love us.”

The cheapest package is $25 per person—which is probably cheaper than smashing your own things around the house.