Corporal Bill Eierman is home with his family after being discharged from the hospital Thursday afternoon.

First Coast News is still working to learn the motive behind last night's shooting that happened outside the Waffle House. The FDLE is leading the investigation.

Lauren Elsberry, a cousin of Cpl. Eierman's from Georgia said she couldn't be prouder of him for his service to the community. "You hear about stuff like this all the time, and you just don't think that it's going to be one of your family members," she said.

Elsberry was in tears over the phone as she talked about how Cpl. Eierman ran towards the line of gunfire to keep others safe. "You know, that's what police officers do. They run towards the danger so we don't have to," she said. "I'm really proud of him."

Over at the Church of Eleven 22, he serves as a protector of the church on the security ministry team.

"He loves Jesus, has a servant's heart, and even if he's been on duty the night before, he'll still come in and help out here," said David Woods, who serves on the Nehemiah team.

Eierman used to work as a corrections officer for JSO. His former colleagues said he loves his profession. "Bill was always a great employee, we always worked great together, and had many great times," said Alex Bergamo, former coworker.

Eierman was shot twice, but is now out of the hospital recovering at home.

"God's hand was all over that," said Woods.

"I'm real glad he's okay," said Elsberry.

Former classmates said the alleged shooter, Jovan Sisljagic, went to Englewood High School, and they're surprised to hear he's involved in something like this.

He is jail being held without bond.