TALLAHASSEE - Hurricane Michael sent a large pine tree crashing to the ground blocking parts of N Franklin Blvd, and knocking out power, but narrowly missing homes and businesses.

“This is going to be expensive,” said Darcie Morningstar, whose business is on the property where the tree stood.

On Thursday she and Tyler Houston cleared the area of debris, near where roots of the tree cracked the concrete parking lot.

“We have a giant tree that ripped up our driveway,” Houston said.

Down trees and power lines left 90 percent of customers without power, according to the city of Tallahassee’s tweet.

“The damage to our infrastructure is the most widespread and severe we’ve ever experienced,” another tweet read.

As crews worked to clear roads and restore power, neighbors like Morningstar are counting their blessings.

“We just feel very fortunate that it wasn’t a lot worse than it actually was,” Morningstar said.