GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. — Anything is possible in Clay County. Almost two years after being run over by a truck, Clay County Fire and Rescue lieutenant showed that anything is possible. Lt. Johnny Taylor completed his physical activity training more than a year after his family saw him lying in a hospital bed, not sure if he would ever wake up from a coma. 

Lt. Taylor in hospital bed
Lt. Johnny Taylor

Taylor was rescued by his own station brothers that September night in 2017. The night before Hurricane Irma was supposed to rear her ugly head on the First Coast. 

Lt. Taylor in wheelchair
Lt. Johnny Taylor

His recovery was a long one. Then another hurdle. He and his family were told he would never walk again. It took months, but he stuck with it. Taylor worked harder and harder each day with words of encouragement from family, friends and even strangers. 

Then Tuesday, he showed his hard work had paid off. Taylor completed his PAT (Physical Ability Test). It’s a grueling exercise even in the most opportune conditions. Candidates are required to walk up and down stairs in full gear, climb over barriers, haul hoses and strike a sledgehammer to steel. 

“I wanted to see where I was at and what I can and what I can't do,” Taylor said. “Middleburg High School Football team was out there practicing, and they were kind of cheering me on and going for it so it was really cool. It really was cool to see the support and as much support as the video has gotten has been amazing.”

The test was supposed to be canceled yesterday because the heat index was too high, but Taylor wanted to do it anyway. 

He's glad to be back to work. We wish him the best.