MAYO CLINIC, Fla. -- The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville received a big donation Wednesday. Champions For Hope handed over a check for $250,000. That money was raised locally from a golf tournament in June. The money will go to help pancreatic cancer early detection research.

Judi Zitiello and her husband started the Zitiello-Funk foundation with their friends, former professional golfer Fred Funk and his wife.

Judi was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer almost three and a half years ago. She says raising this money for the Mayo Clinic was something she was meant to do.

"When you face the fact that you could die, and you're given life, you just know that God wants you to do something special with whatever time that is remaining. And this seemed to be just the perfect thing," said Zitiello.

Mayo Clinic CEO Dr. Gianrico Farrugia says it's always great to have money raised locally for the clinic.

"All money is important, but there's something very special about when people raise money locally. There's a connection. You feel it. What that means for us is an increased responsibility. You have a connection to a person that has been outside raising the money and you have an obligation to use it," said Dr. Farrugia.

They already have plans for next years Champions for Hope golf tournament. It will be June 15 and 16.