SAINT SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. - Sticks and leaves line the streets of Saint Simons, but many are just happy to be home and have their businesses reopen.

Glynn County removed barricades to the barrier island roads at 8 a.m., which gave many their first look at the damage. On Saint Simons Island, business owners were hard at work trying to get shops in condition to open.

“Is it hard to come back to an empty store? Yeah you feel like it was very weird,” Estella Midna aid.

She was sweeping sand away outside Island Republic brought up to the store by wind and floodwater. Midna stayed on the island with her daughter, and was glad to have other business open too: in particular ones with food.

“Looking for food for the baby because everything is damaged,” Midna said.

Some of the business owners said they saw floodwaters come up but luckily not much damage for them. As for the other stores in downtown, many hoping the tourists come back soon.

“I hope so this weekend, we don’t know, I hope so,” Midna said.