As a school bus driver picked up a Westside High School student who had been shot, other drivers heard the frightening moments play out in real time on their radios.

“The boy had ran onto the bus and told the bus driver drive drive drive! He had been shot in his chest,” said Luqita Taylor, a bus monitor who was inside the Student Transportation of America bus depot in West Jacksonville when the call came through.

The bus driver found Jovon Mills, 17, with a gunshot wound near his pickup location Wednesday morning and called into the depot.

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“Dispatch told him it was a fire station right around the corner and that’s where the bus driver took him to the fire station and got him some medical help,” Taylor said.

“That’s one of our standard procedures,” said Anthony Scoble, a bus driver who also heard the call. “If we see something like that at a stop, our main objective is to get in touch with somebody here at the yard let dispatch know what’s going on, then they contact JSO.”

Mills is recovering from surgery at UF Health. Taylor said the bus driver that helped get him there did exactly as the drivers are trained.

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“I’m very thankful that the bus driver acted fast to get him some medical help,” Taylor said. “I think that’s what’s going to save this young man’s life.”

“We are very proud that she is part of the STA Family and commend her for her heroic efforts,” said a spokesperson for Student Transportation of America.

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