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'If I pull my gun ...' | New 911 call, body cam released of Jacksonville woman whose teeth were broken during arrest

The woman's heavily edited video painted a picture of excessive force, but a 911 call shows she threatened to pull her gun on officers.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A newly released 911 call shows a woman who has accused the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office of excessive force threatened to pull a gun on them.

Last May, Brittany Chrishawn Williams was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. During the arrest, her front teeth were broken.

In December, Williams released a heavily edited video painting a picture of excessive force -- video that has gained traction on social media. Something the video does not capture is her repeated comments and threats involving a gun in a recorded 911 call.

First Coast News obtained the complete body cam footage, as well as a key 911 call to police, as Williams has pleaded not guilty and is asking for the charges against her to be dropped.

The 911 recording was made when Williams called police asking for help in forcing an officer parked in her driveway to leave. 

According to the police report, the officer was checking emails and declined her request to leave. The report says she responded by throwing a plastic spoon coated with some kind of substance at the officer as he sat in his squad car.

She then dialed 911. 

"There is an officer parked in my yard, in my front yard in my driveway yelling at me for no reason and refusing to move, and I need him to move now," she told the dispatcher. "This is my house. I don’t know who he is."

Williams told 911 dispatchers she was scared for her life.

“I do not trust him. I don’t trust white officers, especially males, and I’m here and I’m a female and young by myself. This is my home and he’s telling me he’s not about to leave. How dare he? And if I pull my gun on him and he shoot me and kill me, then, what I’m a do?” 

“Ma’am, don’t do that,” the operator responded.

Later in the call, the 911 operator tells Williams to put the gun away while officers arrive.  "Just to keep the situation diffused, just put the gun up for me. Okay?” The dispatcher asked.

“I will,” replied Williams.

On body camera footage, as the first officer waits in his squad car for other officers to arrive, dispatch can be heard relaying that message. "The complainant saying she will pull a gun on the officer if he's approaching her ... but told receiving she's going to put it away."

Moments later, when a second officer arrives and approaches Williams on her front stesp, Williams can be heard screaming. 

The first officer's body cam footage shows Williams on the phone on her front porch when the second officer approaches. She backs away and starts to run inside when he grabs and tackles her. The officer would later claim that she kicked him.

The second officer's body cam footage shows her being taken, handcuffed, to a squad car. "You're just mad because I'm a black girl," she tells the officer. He responds, "No you battered a law enforcement officer. You kicked me."

"I battered you?!" she shrieks. "I kicked you ?!"

A third officer's body camera footage does not show the incident because his camera immediately dislodged in the struggle.

Several other officers arrive and remain on scene for some time, speaking to family members and attempting to explain what happened. Regarding her broken teeth, an officer tells William's aunt, "she did that herself."

"How?" the aunt asks.

"Either when she went to the ground or when she slapped her face on the door."

"How is she going to slap her face on the door?" the aunt says, disbelieving.

Williams' attorney Jeff Chuckwuma notes Williams has no prior criminal record, and says the officers used excessive force on the 95 pound woman. 

“How can someone in this position, who is a criminal by no means, have police officers treat her this way?”

But officers on scene said given the fact that she had a gun, and made threats about shooting an officer, she is lucky the outcome wasn't worse. 

"It wasn’t what we did -- I think it’s was bad day for her," the third officer on scene tells Williams' sister. I’m telling you right now. It could have been a lot more dangerous for her if she’s threatening police with a gun. That could have been really really bad for her."

JSO declined comment, saying this is an active investigation that's also being reviewed by the internal affairs unit. 

Williams' next pre-trial hearing is Feb. 1.

Watch First Coast News at 6 for more on what the complete body cam video does and does not show.

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