Two stuffed bears will likely mean more to twin 5-year-olds than any other presents they get this holiday season.

The bears were made using their late father's police uniform, hand-sewn with love and kindness by one of his fellow officers in D.C.'s 3rd District.

Officer Barry Eastman was killed in a car crash this September in Howard County. The 31-year-old left behind his wife and twins Violen and Asher.

A photo shared by D.C. Police showed the 5-year-olds clutching the handmade bears with big smiles on their faces.

The bears are blue with navy ties and each one has a badge on one of its feet.

Eastman had been on the D.C. police force for four years, and clearly made an impact on his coworkers and the Washington community.

“He loved helping others, including through community coat drives for those in need,” D.C. Police wrote on Twitter.