A 19-year-old woman sent nearly $2700 to a company that was supposed to be sending her a Chihuahua puppy. According to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, the victim is out the money and still doesn't have a puppy.

How could someone use this:

photo courtesy of Google Images  
photo courtesy of Google Images  

as a means for a scam?!

According to a report by the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, on Tuesday, a deputy met with Amira Kennedy, 19, who said that she had sent money to ClassyChihuahuaPuppes.com in exchange for a puppy named Otis.

Kennedy initially sent $500 for Otis and was told that the pup was on his way to her.

Domestic Pet Movers, the company that was allegedly transporting Otis, contacted Kennedy and told her that she had to pay an addition $799 for a special crate to transport him in, and so Kennedy wired the money. Then, a few hours later, the company said that Otis needed shots to be transported so Kennedy wired another $1373 for Otis' shots.

The deputy asked Kennedy to try the number for Domestic Pet Movers and someone picked up and told Kennedy she needed to send another $1000 or cops would show up at her door.

The deputy was able to get copies of Kennedy's Western Union transactions and advised Kennedy to contact the Better Business Bureau.