JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-- At a press conference on Tuesday, an attorney for women alleging they were disfigured by breast implant surgeries performed by Loren Clayman, M.D. announced more lawsuits against the doctor that include allegations of fraud, as well as a lawsuit against Allergan.

Earlier this year, the law firm of Terrell Hogan announced the filing of several lawsuits against local plastic surgeons Dr. Loren Clayman and Dr. Mark Clayman.

Chris Shakib said that since January, his office has received 300 calls from former patients. He said they have been in the process of reviewing each one to see which ones meet the threshold.

Shakib said patients would go to Clayman's miracle spa for breast augmentations and leave with problems.

On Tuesday during the press conference, Shakib stated the Claymans reported to Allergan that on 5,516 occasions after individual surgeries, patient's saline implants spontaneously ruptured or deflated. The attorney for the women, Shakib, said Allergan paid everyone of those claims for a total of $8.96 million.

According to Shakib, Allergan reported a deflation rate of only 1.2% per year after surgery.

"It's statistically impossible that 5,516 patients or surgeries from the Claymans resulted in spontaneous ruptures or deflation. It's not possible," Shakib said.

Shakib said the women were able to obtain the reports by Allergan which stated, "we can't find any evidence that supports a rupture or deflation."

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He claims there's not a single occasion when Allergan sent Dr. Loren Clayman a communication saying 'hey we need further corroboration of this claim of deflation, we need more evidence.'

"It was automatic -- every time they paid every claim," Shakib said.

According to Shakib, Allergan never once tried to report the physician despite the elevated number of claims.

"It's for that reason that we believe Allergan is complacent in a conspiracy to commit fraud. And that's why we have sued Allergan as well as Loren and Mark Clayman," Shakib said.

First Coast News reached out to Allergan for a statement and they said, "The company does not comment on pending litigation."

During the news conference, several of the women who claimed they received botched breasts implants spoke to the media.

Yoland Hannan, a mother of three, paid $3,750 for her breast augmentation, Shakib said most plastic surgeons in northeast Florida charge between $5,000 and $10,000. The lawsuits allege the Claymans were cutting corners by using a cheaper anesthesia which didn't require an anesthesiologist on staff.

"Most plastic surgeons when they do a breast augmentation, they take one to two hours to complete the surgery," said Shakib. "The Claymans took 30 minutes."

Hannan told the media that about a month after her surgery, she knew something was wrong. She stated her breasts wouldn't soften and she was in a lot pain.

Once Hannan was able to reach Dr. Clayman, she stated he told her her body was just rejecting the implant.

"These surgeries, they hurt, they're painful my body has never recovered," Hannan said tearfully. "I now have to have reconstructive surgery that's reserved for breast cancer survivors. I can't stand to look at myself anymore. I'm basically mutilated for nothing."

First Coast News was sent the following statement by Clayman's office: "We are currently reviewing these allegations with our advisors, and are confident that we will be found to have performed with the highest professional and ethical standards."