PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. - A nine foot version of the iconic PLAYERS gold man logo is now on display.

The design by an Atlantic Beach artist is getting a lot of attention at the tournament.

“I’m excited to see how people see it and see their reactions,” sculptor David Main said.

Main’s shop is filled with sounds of sanders and torches. He and a small team spent weeks crafting the gold man.

Some of his other work had been spotted by PGA officials, so they approached him with a request: build a replica of the logo, but add some unique designs.

“It incorporates a bunch of textural elements and different thicknesses in metal,” Main said.

From talks to production, it took about two months, he explained. Now on display in the Fan Zone at the 17th hole, Main said it took quite a few people to move the piece.

“It weights close to 600 pounds with the pedestal,” he said.

Main’s excitement also weighing heavy.

“It’s awesome to do public art and have people appreciate and want more of that to happen,” Main said.