JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- Monday morning at University Diner in Arlington is as busy as most days of the week. It is a popular local place to eat and that is we held our 'I'm Telling Ken' listening session.

Marvin Sims teaches political science in a Duval County school and he had politics on his mind.

"I've never seen the discontent like it is now," said Sims, "there's no civility right now."

Sims did not have a problem, just a concern. On the other hand, Kathy Morano who has smoked more than fifty years has a major concern.

Morano lives in a senior citizens HUD subsidized apartments complex and smoking is prohibited.

"If they won't let us smoke in our apartments they should at least provide us with a place to smoke," she said.

We heard complaints about the Department of Veterans Affairs. Navy Veteran Robert Bibeau has been trying to get his disability rating changed.

"Nobody is listening to me," said Bibeau.

We are and will investigate his concerns.

Jaundra Melton problem is one we all can relate to those unsolicited phone calls to our cell phones.

"I'm trying to figure out how can we block these calls," she said.

She was told about using the Do Not Call Registry as a way to curb the unwanted calls.

All morning, the Issues kept coming. We heard complaints about roofing, questionable surgery, failed financial investment, issues On Your Side will address in the days ahead.

Ron Brice brought an issue that is centered on violence and how to curb it.

"If we come together as one, as a city," said Brice, " It will prevent a lot of this senseless killing that is now going on in the city."

His campaign is called Positive Vibes Only (POV) visits schools and creates community engagement.

He's convinced teenagers to turn to the street for acceptance.

"They need guidance, they need support, they need people to push them in the right direction," he said.

Brice should know. He told us he has a prison record to show.

"The support system that I was missing as a teenager," he said, "a lot of these kids are missing it today."

In fact, he left University Diner to intercede on a conflict where a kid was threatening to shoot someone.

"I need the community to buy into this I can't do this alone," he said, "I won't stop."

November 24 he plans a community engagement session at Losco Park. He said since launching his POV campaign 60 businesses have bought into the effort.