An alleged con artist accused of wooing and scamming women was arrested Tuesday in California after a lengthy search for him, according to the State Attorney's Office.

David Chapman, communications director for the State Attorney's Office 4th Judicial Circuit, confirmed that Friend Rizkkhalil, 50, was arrested in Carson, California, a city near Los Angeles, and transferred to the Inmate Reception Center in downtown Los Angeles.

First Coast News first reported this story last week, when Fatemeh Jahromi, a woman who who says she lost everything to Rizkkhalil's scam, agreed to speak out.

Jahromi says she met Rizkkhalil at a local Starbucks, and began dating him a few weeks later. He eventually persuaded her to sell her house so the two could move in together. Soon after, she says, she transferred the proceeds into an account for their new condo -- money investigators say he disappeared with.

"I trusted him," Jahromi told First Coast News. "He's not human."

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Investigators believe Rizkkhalil acted alone in his Jacksonville-area scam, but that was not his first one. An official said Rizkkhalil faced similar charges in Colorado and Nevada. He also said he heard a similar complaint in Jacksonville in 2016, though the scam didn't get as far.

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