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$20k worth of clothes for local business stolen from unlocked car

$20,000 worth of handmade merchandise was stolen from a local business owner.

Twenty-thousand dollars worth of handmade merchandise was stolen from a local business owner. Mark Braddock, owner of 8103 Clothing makes Duval County themed clothing and accessories. Months worth of income was stolen from his unlocked car overnight, so he is trying to restore his inventory in time for his next pop up shop on Sunday.

Braddock said, "I actually woke up this morning and I was getting ready to make some t-shirts, just kind of getting ready for my day and I went out into my car and I was like... 'where's all my inventory?'"

Come to find out it was stolen right off his driveway. "There was over 300 t-shirts, 200 hats, about over Jaguar 50 pins, everything was handmade by me."

He opened his business about 15 years ago and its name "8103" is named for his brother, who was born in 1983 and died in 2003.

He left town for a few years, then came back to reopen his business last month. He's been successful doing pop-up shops in Toontown for football games.

"This is a real small beach. I was born and raised here, and this is just not the way I really wanted to start my coming home, if you will," he said, with tears. "With everything that was there, I lost maybe north of $20,000 in inventory and I have to remake everything, life goes on."

Braddock said he thinks someone came after him. "I think someone has noticed me, going into my car with my clothes, loading in and out, and I think somebody targeted me."

A police report was filed with the Jax Beach Police Department. Braddock posted on social media that he would not pursue further action if the thieves returned his merchandise.

It's a reminder to do the 9 pm Routine, take your valuables out, and lock your doors before bed.