JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- After a slew of complaints, travel agency Legendary Journey's website is down, and so is its rating with the Better Business Bureau. It currently has a "F."

"We paid anywhere from $1,000 to $1,200 each and there are 24-to- 26 of us," said customer Alexis Cretella.

Cretella is the group leader of a cruise that was planned for January 2018.

"We trusted them and we even trusted the fact that they gave us $100 each discount if we paid by check," she said.

Her trust was broken when she decided to check the status of the cruise with MCS cruise line.

"I wanted to find out if our reservation were paid in full because we had all turned in our money," she said. "All they had for each us was $150 deposit."

Legendary Journeys has been in business more than two decades. Now, the complaints are mounting.
"I read about another 42 at 'On Top of The World' which is another 55 and older complex," she said.

She filed a complaint with the Florida Division of Consumer Services and with the FBI.

"They indeed feel it is theft or a Ponzi scheme and they will be looking into it," Cretella said. "We just feel so violated. Here we are making our plans."
Reached via Email Al Ferguson, the president of Legendary Journeys. He wrote:

"Legendary Journeys has closed our operation after more than 20 years in the business. We have already communicated with ALL of our clients directly. I give you a sample of a letter. The letter outlines what has occurred (including a major theft and response to the State Department on Cuba.)

The most important issue is protection of our customers. Legendary Journeys owns substantial assets including real estate (our offices), transportation and motorcoaches and more. There are no mortgage holders on any of our assets. They will far exceed the debt when sold. That is expected to be completed by December 30."

Cretella said none of the members of her group has seen a letter from the company. She said they don't want excuses, what they want is a refund.

"I feel badly about it and it is hurtful to the group to think we were all taken for a ride," she said.