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State, city gas taxes remain unchanged as Congress debates federal tax holiday

Jacksonville City Council Member Matt Carlucci says lifting that four cent tax would put capital projects, like the Emerald Trail, on hold.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A trip to the pump may be a little less painful for wallets soon.

Congress will debate lifting a federal gas tax that could save drivers about 18 cents a gallon.

"It's pretty expensive," said Jacksonville City Council Member Matt Carlucci.

He's no stranger to the pain at the pump, telling First Coast News it's costing him almost $100 right now to fill up his SUV.

A federal gas tax holiday would cut that down quite a bit.

According to an expert at Gasbuddy, SUVs would save $55 in the next three months if the 18 cents per gallon federal tax is lifted.

Carlucci would save even more if Jacksonville lifted its four cent city tax on gas, but he says, although the city council has discussed it, that's not in the cards right now.

"I get a lot of calls from people with drainage issues and septic tank issues whenever we have a big rain," said Carlucci. "When you go to the neighborhoods and see that, and people have been promised these improvements for years, I just feel like we need to get them done."

Carlucci says lifting that four cent tax would put not only capital projects, like the Emerald Trail, on hold, but also routine drainage and sewer improvements.

"It really hits home more," said Carlucci. "If you stop that, it has a quicker impact on local quality of life."

Folks living in Jacksonville also have to pay a 25 cent Florida state gas tax.

The Florida legislature already agreed to have a break from that for one month in October.

State House Representative Angie Nixon says that likely won't be changing, despite the fact prices are high now and more people are traveling now.

"I believe the budget is set and that's about that," said Nixon. "It's very unfortunate that we continue to play politics with the lives of Floridians when we should be working on ensuring they have some relief at the pump."

Folks in Jacksonville will likely continue paying that extra 29 cents between state and local gas taxes through the summer.

On the bright side, gas prices in Jacksonville have dropped about 7 cents in the last week.

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