No matter the vehicle you drive, everyone needs to make sure they get their vehicle's oil changed. 

You can go to a dozen places to get your car serviced, but where's the best deal?

I did some price checking on conventional oil changes between four Jacksonville dealerships and three quick shops. Here's what I found:

A standard oil change at the Chevy dealer is $49.95. At Ford, it's $29.95. At both the Kia and Nissa Dealers, it's $24.95.

You can get a standard oil change at Jiffy Lube for $28.99 with a $13 coupon. Pep Boys has a $34.99 special through the end of May. Tire Kingdom was the cheapest at $19.99.

So the overall most affordable option is a quick shop.

But even a fast price comparison shows there are plenty of dealership service centers that offer competitive prices or even better prices than quick shops. Of course, you'd probably need to make an appointment with the dealer and it might not be as convenient to go to.

Yet, convenient is a relative term. Some people love working on their own cars; it’s not a hassle at all, it’s actually kind of fun. So if you don’t mind getting your hands a little bit dirty, changing your own oil is the best way to save.