When it comes to driving a shiny, clean car, there are a lot of car wash options. For example, you could get your car washed right after you get gas.

But does the gas station car wash give you the best deal?

Believe it or not, the answer is no!

I visited three gas station car washes in Jacksonville and the wash costs exactly the same if you fill up the tank or skip it altogether. So right there, you're not saving.

The alternative is visiting a stand-alone car wash like this Ducky's on New Berlin Road. Your cheapest option would be to wash it yourself, but that's a little more work and you also have to clean the inside of the car.

But even Ducky's Car Wash is cheaper than the gas stations, depending on what service you get.

Some car washes offer monthly rates for unlimited washes, so if you go more than twice a month, you're actually saving the most money.

Remember, the average commute is about 12 cents a mile. So, if there's a cheaper option farther away, keep in mind the further you go, the less you save.

Of course, you could always wash it yourself in your own driveway.