As we get further and further along in the week, closer to the inevitable Valentine's Day, we're getting bigger and bigger ticket items.

But jewelry is timeless. Your significant other can wear it forever, unlike the flowers that will die and the chocolate that will be eaten and gone within the first 30 minutes.

Here are some jewelry buying ideas:

  1. Buy silver instead of gold. Silver looks good on everyone anyway. Also, depending on which source you look at, you’re going to pay around $18.00 per ounce on silver. You’ll pay more than $1500 for the same amount of gold.
  2. Diamonds are for the biggest of big days. Valentine’s Day is every year, and it’s only a couple of months after Christmas. You can’t go out and buy HUGE rocks every single time. So, get some alternative stones going. Plus you can add a hint of color to the jewelry palate. Think about a birthstone, unless their birthday is in April, uh oh.
  3. Shop local.

Remember, everything is negotiable. You’ll have a better chance of working out a good price and discuss a specific budget when you’re speaking directly to a local shop owner.

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