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Stay Up & Save: Thanksgiving on a budget

If you’re willing to hunt around a little bit and go store brand on some items, we have the best deals to help you save some money this Thanksgiving.

In Wednesday night’s Stay Up & Save segment, we went out and tried to get a somewhat traditional Thanksgiving menu for a family of five for under $25.

And the crazy experiment actually worked.

If you’re willing to hunt around a little bit and go store brand on some of the canned vegetables.

The biggest takeaway from our shopping was finding Publix brand turkeys for $.49 a pound on sale. That sale will be ending soon, so you need to go ahead and grab one soon, or just keep checking all the stores’ websites to find when the birds get below $.60 a pound.

That’s usually the magic number for being able to save the most money.

You can also check out the actual turkey brand website. Butterball, Jennie-O, Empire, Hormel and others will usually post manufacturer’s coupons as well.

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